Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"The Whole Christian Belief System Will Collapse," They Said

And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, And prevailed not; neither was there place found any more in heaven. And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.
Rev. 12:7-9

Business was slow at the Oak Street Bible Shop. It was 11:30 am and only three customers had come in. Or one customer and two browsers. Gary was standing behind the counter in front of his Bible display reading from a newspaper spread out before him.”Did you see this letter to the editor about UFO’s?" he asked.

Joy looked up from her place at the rack containing Chick Publications booklets. “I saw it” she said “But I couldn’t figure out what the writer was getting at. Was he saying that believers are weak-minded or something?”

“Yes” he replied, or words to that effect”. Sue had been cleaning the window with a bottle of Windex and some paper towels, trying to look busy. “What is it all about? Why do they think we’ll lose our belief, or whatever they said? And what have ufos got to do with it?”

Gary quoted from the letter which claimed that the secrecy surrounding such unexplained phenomena was justified because if being from another world contacted the Earth that American society would collapse. “It says that most Americans are religious and feel that the Bible teaches we are the only intelligent beings in the universe besides God and his angels. If another race made its presence known to us it would prove the Bible was wrong and maybe our whole faith was misplaced.”

Joy’s expression took on that fierce angry look she often assumed when she felt skeptics were attacking the faith. “You notice, no scriptures were quoted. I don’t remember anything in the Bible that says we are the only creatures God has made. Although if He did they sure have taken an awfully long time to make contact with Earth.”

“Maybe they are demonic” said Sue, with childlike simplicity, “I suppose the writer of that letter doesn’t believe in demons, but it is one possible answer, don’t you think?”

“Makes sense to me” said Gary, "but if the ufos are demonic it still doesn’t explain why they have waited so long to reveal themselves to us.”

Sue looked wistfully at the “prophecy corner” where Glen liked to stand. “I wish Glen was here, I’ll bet he would understand about ufos and the Bible. Joy looked a little exasperated. Sometimes she thought that Sue hero worshiped Glen. “He would probably say the answer is in the book of Daniel, he thinks everything else is. Why don’t you call him, Sue? He has a book order to pick up anyway."

“Alright, I will” Sue said, lifting the phone and punching in his number. Gary and Joy noticed that she didn’t have to look up Glen’s number. They looked at one another, but said nothing. After a few questions Sue put the phone down. “I talked to his landlady, she said he was doing some yard work for her, but she’d ask him.”

They all returned to what they had been doing and in a matter of minutes they saw Glen’s blue van stop out front. The front door swung open and Glen stepped into the room wearing his work jeans and with dust on his black navy shoes. “What’s this all about?” he asked. He looked from face to face and turned to smile at Sue. “We need your expert opinion” Sue said, her eyes sparkling. “I said I would bet you would know about ufos and if they are in the Bible. Gary read an article that says the government should suppress information about alien contacts because religious people couldn’t handle the truth that we aren’t alone in the universe”.

“Who in the hell said that?” Glen shook his head, “Was it one of those government guys, or one of their shills. Those guys never get it right. The truth is just the reverse. Only Bible Christians could handle an alien contact. I mean informed Christians” he emphasized. “It sure wouldn’t shake my beliefs, it would confirm them. Of course there are other beings besides we humans. Maybe billions of them. In fact, one of the books in my order gives the best explanation I have ever read.”

Gary stepped from behind the counter with a cardboard box containing Glen’s beloved prophecy books. Glen reached into the box and pulled out a paperback book by Arthur Bloomfield. “You see, the Bible tells us of a time, just before the Great Tribulation, when demons will rain down upon the earth.”

“You mean as ufos?" Sue asked in her innocent way.” “Ufos, pirates, or Casper the Friendly Ghost” Glen answered casually. "They can present themselves in a number of ways, I suppose. But the time of their arrival has been foretold."

He opened the book he had been holding and found the place he was looking for. “There are a number of places that deal with this event, but no place tells it with greater detail then here in the Book of Daniel”. Joy slumped on her stool in the doorway, with a look that said “Here we go again”. Gary strained to stifle a laugh. “I know, I know, you guys think I believe everything can be explained by the studying Daniel. But this can be. Let me prove it to you."

Glen began to read from The End of the Days by Arthur Bloomfield, page 157. “The Coming of Antichrist, Daniel 8. The rise of the Antichrist is one of the most important subjects in prophecy, and yet it is the most difficult to comprehend. This difficulty is caused by the fact that it involves situations and conditions never before experienced. For this reason our conceptions and therefore our expositions are inadequate. When we enter the realm of Antichrist, we feel that something has been added-there is a fourth dimension which for want of a better name, we may call “outer space”. While the earth is preparing for a conquest of outer space, outer space is preparing for a conquest of the earth.
Space then, is not a vacuum: it is teeming with life. Scientists debate the question of life on other planets, assuming that life can exist only where there are conditions similar to those on earth. But life in outer space is the kind of life that can exist in outer space. Therefore we do not have to have the same conditions: we only have to have a different kind of being. In outer space, beings are not necessarily friendly. Satan has principalities and powers- organized governments. The satanic conquest of the earth has been, for the most part, a spiritual battle. At the end of the age the added feature is that the battle becomes physical

Glen closed the book and looked up. No one was laughing now. “I have only begun to touch on the subject of demonic beings coming to earth. Daniel and Revelation are the great sources of knowledge concerning this subject. They both tell not only what will happen, but when."

"You mean the dates when they will happen?” asked Sue, incredulously.

“Not the dates, Sue” Glen said with gentle patience,”But the order of events." Gary broke in, “But aren’t the events concerning Antichrist’s rise to power going to take place after the Rapture, I mean, we won’t even be here, will we”?

“You’re right Gary. Everyone here believes in the pre-tribulation rapture and its Biblical basis. But there will be others who are not in the rapture. Some of us believe we are laying a foundation of knowledge for them."

Sue spoke up again, “You mean tribulation saints?”

“That’s right, whether they will read our books no one will say, but we can leave a record in case they do. But it is important that we understand the nature of extraordinary goings on so we are not deceived by this talk about creature from distant planets. Also, there could be preliminary contacts, like advance parties, just before we leave.”

Joy was very serious now, “Great events sometimes cast heir shadows before them.”

“Well said” replied Glen. “There is so much more in this Bloomfield book, so much more detail, people need to read it, study it.” He placed the book back in the box and headed for the door. “I better get back and finish my landlady’s iris bed.”

Sue smiled at him, “Thanks for coming, Glen.” He looked at her with tender regard, “Thanks for asking me”.

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