Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

A day after my wife died, I went to the store to get some food. I was stunned with grief. I had watched her dying from cancer, and I needed to recover and think of something else.

The store had a display of DVD's. One of "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" caught my attention. I had heard of it as a whimsical fantasy, and this is just what I needed for escape from my sorrow.

Dick Van Dyke, a hopelessly impractical inventor and visionary, comes to meet Sally Ann Howes, daughter of a wealthy candy factory owner. Such escape, and nothing to do with my problems. I watched it several times in weeks to come.

When Miss Howes sings the song, "The Sad and Lonely Man", you realize there is a deeper story being shown. The inventor is a loving man and deeply sincere. But he is misunderstood by all, except his children, who return his love. When this man and woman unite in love, he is no longer alone, and no longer to be misunderstood.

It was the story of my wife and myself. I was the misunderstood man. She was firmly rooted in reality. I pursued impractical dreams. She tolerated my often outrageous ideas. Half my life I spent married to her, until death took her away.

The schemes are gone. Like my Janie, I will soon die. Neither of feared death. As Christians, we looked forward to going to be with the Lord when we received the news of our soon demise--leaving earth, going to heaven.

Oh, the message of this movie, starting out as a comedy, and ending with mutual love and understanding.

See Lovely Lonely Man(from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang).

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Note: This is the final post written by The Last Robin. For an explanation and a tribute, see "...He Being Dead Yet Speaketh".

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