Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Doing Our Part

We all know about doing our part. God gets us started, gives us the responsibility to complete His will, then it's up to us.

It is a huge honor to be needed to fulfill His plan. So big that a lot of people fail to do it. They may not listen to His call. They shrug it off, eventually die, and go to hell.

Many, many, are in hell now. I hear it's in the billions. And it's all their fault because they failed to do their part.

As for those who never hear of God's offer to do their part, somehow it is still their fault. Maybe He looked ahead and saw that they would not do their part, even if they heard about it.

But anyway, its up to us to help get ourselves born, and to stay born.

Of course, the above is total **** shit. If it were necessary for us to cooperate in our salvation, we would all fail to do it.

Parents are 100% necessary to get a baby born. Even an unfertilized ovum can't become a baby (or a fetus if aborted) by using his or her free will.

I heard a radio personality tell of bringing in a fireplace log one snowy day. His tiny child asked if he could help. "No thanks," he said. "I can get a log without you very well."

Then he remembered the song of a similar title. Maybe we should too?

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