Monday, June 1, 2015

Full of it Churches

And I don't mean the Holy Spirit. Wouldn't that be refreshing?

This is not an idle criticism, but is based on doctrinal statements and my own experience. A whole bunch of Christians claim that since there is no record of their origin, that they have existed since the beginning of the Christian era. It is the argument based on a total lack of evidence as proof. Kind of like me proclaiming that I am a direct lineal descendant of Charlemagne, because there is no record that I am! Must have been lost in a courthouse fire.

These people also claim that, although they are not Catholics (though they share major doctrines with them), neither are they Protestants. We have all heard about the early bird that gets the worm. Well, these people got there before the early bird. After all, Protestantism is so recent. In fact a major division of these people say they started with John the Baptist.

When the church began is actually a matter of argument. Many, like me, say that it began at Pentecost. Others, that it began with the Disciples. But, as far as I can find, only this group claims the church began with John.

I am not writing this to expose the obvious error of this group. Rather, I feel that they are in danger of over-inflation of the ego--a serious condition.

Instead of more deacons, I suggest they appoint professional truck drivers to straighten them out. These savvy drivers would have them pull to the side of the road, come to a complete stop, and check their pressure. Those who are over-inflated should let some of the air out.

These are not evil people. They are very good people. But they hurt their witness by claiming false ideas of their origin, and by following preachers instead of the Bible and the historical record.

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