Sunday, May 31, 2015


I stand on trial because of the hope of the resurrection of the dead. Acts. 23:6, NIV

When Paul used a "divide and conquer" strategy in one of his trials, it is often treated almost humorously. As if Paul was only arguing about an incidental difference of opinion. But the doctrine of bodily resurrection is at the heart of the Gospel. A very quick search of the term in a concordance is startling, and here the NIV shines.

If I, personally, were on trial concerning this doctrine, I would ask, "What motive could I have for proclaiming resurrection as opposed to the totally pagan concept of an immortal soul?" I am winding up my days on earth. Now of all times is the time for honesty. I could say that resurrection is illustrated from Genesis to Revelation, while an immortal soul is nowhere in scripture. That should do it. But I am no longer so naive.

The Word of God loses out to superstition every day and night. Nothing I can write will alter a belief built in to human nature. But it is the witness of a (happily) dying man that we do die completely, just as we will be resurrected and given new immortal bodies. I have no illusion whatsoever that people will give up their pagan beliefs. Yet I still say it.

The Roman Catholic Church did not invent immortal souls or hell, they just passed them on from far older sources. The Protestants have retained them.

Yet the Reformation is still alive. It is even gaining strength as I lose mine. Not in mainline, corporate churches, which are lining up to kiss the Pope's Most Holy Ass, but in individuals who believe in the Bible alone as the source of truth. You can read their beliefs and arguments online. I draw great joy and comfort in their brave stand.

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