Sunday, May 17, 2015

497 Little Inspirational Tips on How to Be a Better Person, or the Plan of a Loving God - Which Will it Be?

Good as we are, we can still be better! Move into the biggest room in the world, the "room for improvement".

Self improvement is very popular among some crowds because it contains the magic word "self". Anything to do with self sells. Many do not want to hear that God sent his son to suffer and die in order to make us Perfect. This can sure make the self-improvers feel inadequate.

But we can do it! If we all get together, we can change the world. Maybe even make it like it was before the fall. That terrible event in Eden was just a temporary setback. Next time we'll get it right.

So, more sermons on how to be better! Who needs to be washed in the blood of the Lamb? We can do it by ourselves.

Isn't it awful how the beautiful people keep on dying though? Guess it's because they haven't reached sinless perfection yet?

A LOT of people go to church to hear "inspirational" sermons. They make you feel so good. Perhaps a little reality leaks into the paralyzed brains of these passive listeners, but that's ok. Next week you can get another positive fix.

And you'll need it, because even the secular news media doesn't keep you from the awful fact that the world is falling apart. Terms such as "Armageddon" are beginning to pop up, mostly from Bible fanatics, of course, but it is depressing--so NEGATIVE. What do these people know anyway? They keep reading the Bible. No wonder they think things are not going to end well.

Enough depressing talk! There will be another inspiring sermon next week, plenty of room too. It will be delivered in the biggest room in the world.

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