Friday, May 8, 2015

Pass the Pessimism, Please

Two great world views exist. One is Godless and stresses what man can and must do. When a super "negative" (inevitable) prediction arises--and there are a lot of them--the first reaction among this group may be, "We've had it!"

Then, to the rescue, come the "positive" crowd, giving us a plan of action that can--"If we all work together"--avert the threat. The remedies may vary from voting for the right political party to evacuating the planet. Whichever is chosen may depend on your credulity.

None of them work for me. I have what the World would call "terminal pessimism".

While scientists, who always need more data, have differing views, I have mine. I do not ignore the scientists. I revel in what they have to say. I ignore no one. I try to listen to them all. But I only agree with those who, consciously or not, agree with the Bible. And there are many who do. For the Bible is 100% pessimistic, if you understand that pessimism is only a world-view.

When a lady lamented what is happening to the world, John Mac Arthur said, "Wait until you see what Jesus is going to do to it!" A thorough "house cleaning" is prophesied for the world. Nothing that anyone can do will alter this fact.

Recruiters for a Save the World project should not even ring my doorbell. Preachers who have salvation of the world messages are way off-base Biblically.

God shall perform His stated will, as He did in the Flood, and as the New Testament predicts He will. The world is not the result of God's failure, but of Satan's. He was given thousands of years to succeed. Now his wretched system will be burned up, as will his children.

I know the reaction of many who replace Bible doctrine with their sentimental ideas. "But He is not willing that any should perish," they say. He is not willing that any of us shall perish, and we won't.

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