Friday, May 1, 2015

I Hope You Like My New Sequence Jacket

I really mangled that one, but you know by now that I would say almost anything to get peoples' attention regarding a very important subject. I would pose in a sequin jacket to get attention to this concept: EVENTS IN PROPHECY ARE FULFILLED IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER.

If you have assembled a military weapon from its parts, you know that there is an order in which they must be reassembled. If you have a part left over, not only have you made a big error, but soon someone in authority will let you know about it.

However, in this era of freedom from restraint, where anyone can be an expert, there often is no order. I was just listening to a You Tube video where two self-appointed geniuses were talking about how Christians should prepare to go through the Great Tribulation. Among those who care about such things (and love them) this is known as the Post Trib Rapture view.

Some of this tribe even skip the Rapture altogether. They may teach that the great tribulation was WW2 and that Hitler was the Antichrist. No kidding.

Once you depart from the Bible's instruction manual, you can believe anything, and its happening at any time. So, unlike the military, or in industry, there is no one to correct us when we incorrectly handle the Word of God.

Jesus warned his listeners in the Olivet Prophecy, "Take heed that no man deceive you" (Matthew 24:4). Yet there are many deceivers, and people follow them , day and night.

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