Sunday, May 3, 2015

Crumbs from Their Tables

Their is a denomination in which you cannot fully participate. They have no poor churches, nor do they have churches among the poor. They were not a part of America's westward expansion. They moved west only after large cities were established and big money came in. For wealth is very much a part of their philosophy, and even their theology.

These people sprang from John Calvin, but they give the principles organized by Calvin a bad name. I am certain it started with a terrible misinterpretation of the Kingdom of God. For they teach (when they teach at all) that God's kingdom is "not of this world", but they live as though it were.

Their Replacement Theology relegates Israel to the ancient past, and gives no hope at all to the kingdom of David. God does, because the kingdom of God, on the earth, will be the resurrected kingdom of David. Does this idea shock you?

When Gabriel gave the good news of the coming of Jesus, he said that Jesus would sit on the throne of his father David (Luke 1:31-32), and of his kingdom there would be no end. In Acts 15:16 the prophet Amos is quoted as saying that the tabernacle of David, which is fallen down, will be re-established.

A voice from the Old Testament and one from the New. When contrasted with the kingdom-grabbers, the choice is clear. We will go with the Bible every time.

This denomination is a two level one, the elite money and power people and their woefully ignorant congregations. A wall of elevated, man-made theology, so complex that no one is supposed to understand, divides them. Super "intellectuals" and business men, versus those who pay them out of blind trust.

Any and every church should have but one theology, available to all. Anything else is the feasting upper class, and their followers eating crumbs from their tables.

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