Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Genocide for Gold - Life Doesn't Go On

One thing is certain and the rest is lies,
the flower that once has bloomed, forever dies.
- Omar Khayyam

People--whole peoples--in Suriname are being killed in two ways, cyanide or mercury poisoning. Their habitat has been destroyed. The water they drink and the food they eat are poisoned by gold extraction chemicals. They may be gone forever.

There is no way I know of to save them. The thirst for gold will win. They are a small part of a collapsing world that is terminal.

The most amazing thing about this Devil's world to me is that its occupants--most of them--do not realize that the whole system is rapidly dying. No "call to action" will save it. Nothing will save it.

As you know, I have one final Authority. Though I try to take in as much as I can from all kinds of sources, only the Bible gives me the last word.

To contrast this most pessimistic attitude, all that is necessary is to find one thing that will not die or be destroyed, and show me that the Bible supports this as true. If my total pessimism is wrong, this should be an easy task.

To tell people that the whole system is scheduled for destruction is useless, as far as convincing them. They are unreachable--genetically incapable of facing reality.

When we look at entertainment of all types, we may ask what percentage of it reflects reality in any way? Rather, its whole purpose is to help us escape reality. Wait five seconds, then expect someone to say, "Just what is reality?" proving my point. When one loses contact with reality, we say they are psychotic.

A wise man said that the term "muse" means to think. When we precede it with "a" it becomes "amuse".

For Christians, the hope is Christ, saving us and taking us out of this world. For the Devil's kids, their hope will be in Antichrist, coming soon to a town near you. His advance men are everywhere.

Watch Inside Suriname.

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