Friday, May 29, 2015

Celebrity Chefs--2

I was reading a list of the characteristics of empires in their last stages. What caught my attention was that from long ago until today, they all elevated chefs to a high status.

Just my opinion, of course, but when the preparation and taste of food becomes a big deal in a person's life, that person is in trouble. Not that good food is "evil", but that there is no great interest in a person's life that takes its place. It is the vacuum in someone's life that interests me.

I saw an article with pictures of a young married couple that featured their fantastic kitchen. The lead photo showed the pretty young lady working in her kitchen. Its caption read, "We believe in living the good life." Wowee, this is the good life? Had I been invited to their home, I'm sure I would have enjoyed a meal there.

But, having enjoyed the hospitality of such nice people, I do tire of talking about the asparagus and other items. Such a grouch am I that, to me, food is for eating, not talking about. I could really enjoy a toasted cheese sandwich and good conversation a whole lot more.

Since cook books are always favorites, let me propose a title. The Finest Gourmet Meal That Jesus Ever Had, and How to Prepare it. Think it would sell?

I am a defender of Martha, the one who was so busy. The story of Lazarus tells us she had very good theology. I am certain that Jesus had good food and wonderful conversation in her household. But the Bible emphasizes the deepest truths, not the joys of a so called "good life".

I see around me a multitude who do not even try to live the way Jesus showed us. They do succeed in eating better than He did.

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