Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tribulation Town and Rapture City

He found himself on a speeding train. Not certain of how he got there, he questioned a fellow passenger. "Do you know where we are going? I don't even know how I got here," he said.

"Oh, you are on the train that goes to Tribulation Town and Rapture City," was the reply. "These are the only destinations, and believe me, you don't want to go to Tribulation Town."

He had heard about Tribulation Town. All the reports were terrible. How could he be certain he would not end up there? Apparently the train was speeding towards this terrible place.

He turned towards another passenger. "Is there a way to keep from ending up in Tribulation Town?" he asked.

"I'm afraid not," was the reply.

At that moment an older woman with a serene expression turned to him. "If you have the right ticket, you'll be getting off at Rapture City," she assured him.

He thought about this. Seems like he had heard of some special ticket, but it was considered just wishful thinking. People laughed at the whole idea. "We all will go to Tribulation Town," they had said. "Rapture City comes after that horrible place."

While he mused over this idea, he saw the Conductor coming near. "I'll ask him, he's sure to know."

He looked up at the kindly face of the Conductor who was collecting ticket stubs. "Can you tell me if there is a special ticket that assures me I'll get off at Rapture City?" he asked.

Just then the Conductor lifted his ticket and looked at it. "Don't worry," he said. "You have one of the tickets that guarantees you will not have to go to Trib Town. See what it says right here?" He pointed to the letters elect. "This is your clue."

The man felt a sense of relief at this good news. He had one more question. "I'm kind of tired. What if I go to sleep and miss Rapture City?" he asked anxiously.

The Conductor smiled reassuringly. "Don't worry," he told the man. "If you should fall asleep, I'll wake you. You'll go to Rapture city, awake or asleep."

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