Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Lordship Salvation

If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men. Romans 12:18

"If it be possible" and, "as much as lieth in you"! Do you get the impression that the author of Romans is saying, "Do the best you can"?

The Bible can be totally absolute at times, in our election and the security of the believer, for example. Romans chapter 8 should seal it up.

But when it comes to perfect behavior being necessary for establishing "Lordship", there is what is called allowance, or wiggle room. Can we ignore the lives of believers that were deeply flawed, yet saved?

Let me ask a question. "Was Peter saved when he betrayed Jesus? Did he have to shape up afterwords and get "saved again?"

I grew up in a Methodist church where salvation was presented as something you could gain by good behavior (things you did not do) and lose by bad behavior. Simple as that. My father said he believed that we are "saved day by day".

That such a clear teaching as election could be argued about is astounding to me. As if a misbehaving child could be unborn on the basis of its bad behavior! I no longer believe there are two sides to this issue, both honest and scriptural.

When I got out of the scare tactics religion and learned of God's unconditional salvation, I realized I had not been in an honest, heartfelt struggle at all. I had been under the domination of human EGO.

This religion says you save yourself, and keep saved on the basis of your actions. Wow! Are you important, or what?

As for Jesus and His sacrifice, they were set forth as just a good example!

There is presently much debate about something that is settled in the book of Romans and a number of other places. Those engaging in such a debate would never debate on whether their wives were whores and whether or not they were pimps. Yet the work of Christ is considered a subject open to polite questioning.

The "Lordship salvation" issue is like that to me. The Bible is so clear on this that there is no room for questioning. Since such issues have not been confirmed in over a thousand years, I know that something else is at work here. It is flesh versus the Word.

Do you get the impression that I believe in absolutes?

Get out of my way, you perfect people. I am flawed, but saved none the less.

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