Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mr. Smarty Pants Called a "Know-nothing"

Dear Know-nothing Smarty Pants,
I just read your piece, pretentiously titled, "Truth". As if you have it and others do not.

After rambling comments about "original texts", you start into your favorite rant on "hell". For some reason hell means a lot to you. Then you finish by talking about "Easter". Can you keep your wandering mind on a topic at all?

You recommend a good study Bible, then finish with a quotation from the NIV! Is this your idea of a good study Bible?

Answer: "Hell" would not enter my mind at all if it were not continuously promoted by others. When they stop promoting it, and quoting Jesus as using the term, then I will gladly drop it.

As for the NIV, I never said it was a study Bible; but it does correctly use the term "Passover" in Acts 12:4, which all accurate Bibles do. I am optimistic about the new translations and those who use them.

The Reformation is not over, and I try to help in my blog by pointing out errors that we have not yet eliminated. "Hell" and "Easter" are two of them.

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