Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Another Attack on Dispensationalism and the Scofield Bible

I like Brother Nathanael and listen to him regularly. He is an expert on Judaism, since he is a converted Jew. He vigorously attacks Zionism, on which he is an expert. If you were on trial for being "anti-semitic" you might want Brother Nathanael to defend you. He is that good.

He tells of his conversion to Christianity when he first attended an Orthodox church, saw the candles and heard soft voices. "I knew I was home," he said.

I have always considered the Orthodox church just a split-away branch of Catholicism--the same basic theology, but with a different pope. I say this because it means their treatment on prophecy would be the same as the Catholics. I wonder if they follow the revelations of Fatima? If you were looking for a good book on prophecy, written by either of these branches of religion, you would still be looking.

This in itself is not a condemnation, just a fact. But since Brother Nathanael is so deficient in this area, it is surprising that he would attack a Bible and system of interpretation which, to me, is the finest guide to prophecy that exists. It would be as if I criticized E. Power Biggs on his playing of a Bach fugue.

Once again, there is nothing in Scofield's outline of the Bible that is pro-Zionism! Quite the opposite. It says the church is being called out now (Acts 15), and after that, Israel will be restored. This may explain Nathanael's attack of Scofield. As an ex-Jew, he hates the idea that their nation will be restored.

He has companions in this hatred--Reformed churches--who teach that they have permanently replaced Israel.

Everybody has their blind spots in theology, I suppose. But we should not teach from them. Brother Nathanael, give us just one quotation from Scofield that supports Zionism. Maybe you have been reading by candle light.

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