Monday, May 25, 2015

A Crime Never Committed

What kind of crime is never committed? It is to give too much credit to God.

Why do I label this as a crime? Because people have a horror of doing it. They scrupulously avoid it. Human nature fights to retain its "right" to claim its part in salvation--its rebirth.

I have great awe for the dedication and faithful obedience of dogs to their masters. They seek to please their masters and will sacrifice their lives for them. Nothing makes them so happy as to be with them all the time.

Just like people do for God, right?

There are some humans who possess the dedication and love towards God that a dog does for his master, but they are the material for legends. How many people do you know who feel and act this way?

Many believe that the higher the standing of a creature, the more horrible they become when they fall or miss the mark. They even maintain that women are of a finer nature than men. Thus false religion is known as an evil woman. She is called, in her most extreme form, the whore of Babylon.

Has any angel fallen so low or become so evil as Lucifer, once the covering angel over the throne of God?

So man, the finest of creation of all earthly beings, has fallen lower than the rest of creatures. While we boast of "cooperating with God", of having God as our "copilot", and thus refusing to give Him all the glory, let me make a "modest proposal". Let all of us try to be as loving and sacrificial towards God as dogs are to us. Wouldn't that be wonderful to see?

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