Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Only Cookbook That You Should Use

Who would follow such a rule? I sure would not say it. I don't know much about cooking, but I do know a little about publishing, and I know that cookbooks are among the best sellers. People can't get enough of them, and I am glad.

I feel this way about Bibles. I've never read one that I did not like. It can be argued that some of the Bible paraphrases are less accurate than literal translations. But sometimes a "living Bible" says things so well and clearly that its rendering is the only one a new believer can understand. And understanding is what we all want, is it not?

The King James Only people will probably stop reading at this point, but if they looked into the history of this version, they would find that even this Authorised Version has been changed from its original form. There is more than one KJV!

There is even a rumor going round that Martin Luther's Bible gave people wonderful insights into God's Word, and it was written in German. I know the textus receptus argument. it is great, but what you are probably reading is an English translation of it, not Hebrew, Greek, or Aramaic. And that is my point.

There is little value in reading what you cannot understand. So keep the King James. It is my favorite translation, too.

Use any and all that work, is my motto, and use one with marginal notations that give you the literal meanings from the original languages that the Bible was written in.

Loosen up, you self righteous pretend puritans. I used to be one of you, but to look into all the resources that we have is a lot more fun, and more productive.

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