Monday, May 4, 2015

Relax, There's No Hope

An airport worker told of being sucked into a jet engine. When he lost his footing and felt himself being pulled into the air intake, he experienced terror. But once within the giant engine, he had a sense of resignation. He was kept from death by an anti-bird screen.

When we give up all hope, we often have peace. We are built to struggle; but when it no longer avails, we tend to relax.

An army nurse in Vietnam told the soldiers--average age 19--who were undergoing triage, that they would die. They could not be saved. She said that they too had peace.

Reality, the kind that only Christians know, yields peace.

Have hope for the world to "turn around"? We can do it, we've done it before! And what if, through a (non-existent) community effort, we do defy prophecy and fix things up?

Check the Post it note the medic left on your chest. You are going to die.

In Locomotive 38, the Ojibway, William Saroyan tells of an Indian riding a mule that suddenly collapsed and died. Unperturbed, he pulled his leg from under the dead mule, walked to a car agency, and bought a Cadillac. He was oil-rich. No problem.

You and I are rich also--far richer--and we have eternal life waiting for us. I hear we will some day move around, unimpeded, in three dimensions. I do not know how we will travel, but it will be far better than the rich Indian's Cadillac.

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