Sunday, June 7, 2015

Want to Start a Fight?

Purely a rhetorical question, of course. The Bible speaks against "brawlers", so I am warning against any such evil practices.

But, purely on hypothetical grounds, let's just say that a person would wish to start a fight. It would be a scientific experiment under carefully controlled circumstances, and all profits attendant to such activity would be donated to charity.

This statement was insisted upon by my legal department.

There are a couple of methods which are guaranteed to start fights. In these cases, not physical ones; but as in the academic world, career-ending brawls occur.

The first one is well established through experiment. If anyone associated with the medical profession would question the efficacy of vaccines, they would be slain, their bodies cut into pieces and thrown into a municipal land fill.

Now I realize that this would never take place. Never. This is a theoretical question only. The reason it would not occur is that no one would question vaccines. I don't know why I even brought this up.

Yet there are daring souls who read highly controversial books and articles that do question vaccines. One is even a Harvard grad who should qualify as one of the elite.

Maybe he is just deranged? In this once-free land anyone who questions orthodoxy must be deranged. Martin Luther (you know, the "soul sleeper") started a terrible train of events when he questioned Authority.

Such awful events could be avoided if we would all just shut up. My motto is, "the experts know, and are never wrong." Say this at least 100 times a day. "There are no legitimate disagreements in medicine or religion."

I once read of a trouble-making rebel who caused a lot of trouble because he ignored this simple formula. His name was Ignaz Semmelweiss. I really don't want to mention such a rebel and the problems he caused. In fact, I wash my hands of the whole affair!

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