Friday, June 5, 2015

When Scientists Become Foolish Children

Who am I to make such a broad indictment? Certainly scientists are making wonderful discoveries as they gather more data and specialize in their individual fields.

Let me give you my reason for saying this. While they become "more expert", they are leaving out God. Have I conducted a poll of scientists world wide? Of course not. But name a scientist who is known as a Christian. Once they all were.

A great change in the field of Geology came when catastrophists became uniformatarians. Now every kid knows the earth is billions of years old and the evolutionary rise of man from inert matter took millions of years. Imagine trying to get an advanced degree in the earth sciences while proclaiming that mankind was created by God about 6,000 years ago.

I know there are scientist who are believers, but name one. Dr. Henry Morris was one and published extensively, but he did so after he saw the light.

When I took a course (one little course) in geology, my professor told us that the men in this field can no longer communicate with one another. They have become way too specialized for that.

Let me say, that regardless of their learning or their faith, most are slaves to their employers. In the early years of science, scientists were independent of such constraints and were educated in universities where the Christian faith was promoted or at least tolerated.

In crude terms, most scientist are non-believers or believers who are "job scared" into silence. Anyone can look into the history of science and see the change. We have gone from Baron Cuvier to Darwin.

Do I lament this? Not at all. Let the world go its wayward way. I care the same about the world as it cares about me.

Christians who believe the experts, who know more and more about less and less (and this includes "leaders" of churches), are themselves fulfilling Bible prophecy in their cowardice and unbelief.

Am I anti-science? No, I love it.

But the world view of science in general leads nowhere. It describes a course that it is seeing unfold, yet are unable to comprehend or alter. The Bible's truth will prevail. It is unfolding now, and so blatantly that the doomed world has begun using the term "apocalyptic". Such an unscientific term!

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