Friday, October 26, 2012

Little Boy Who Wanted to be a Teacher

My Brethren, let not many be teachers, for those who teach shall incur a stricter judgement. James 3:1

He sat in the semi-darkness of a movie theater. A very serious film was being shown. Nazis were taking over a town. People were being indoctrinated about the wonderful master race.

But the camera showed a school room, not a battlefield. A very earnest teacher was illustrating the hypocrisy of the so called Aryan leaders. Their pictures were in view.

"This so called new race is not what is represented by its leaders." He stood to one side and reached out to the pictures. He started with Hitler, "Blond hair, and moved to a dark visage, "blue eyes", pausing as each was pointed out. The students gaped.

As he spoke, two SS men entered the room and took him away. He was gone, but his message remained. At that moment a little boy thought, "That is what I want to do."

That was not to be realized for many years. But this day's message stayed in his mind. Not, how wonderful is the teacher, but what is he revealing? Can he stand back and let the truth be revealed? Can he use just a few words?

To be a teacher, not a ball player, popular at the time, or make a lot of money, which has always been a goal. Find the Truth, let people see it, that was the resolve. He did not dig the Grand Canyon, he was just a guide. How well did he do? The Great Teacher will judge that some day.

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