Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Ten Lost Trash

Not long ago I had lunch with the man who invented Tater Tots. Actually we ate three meals together, every day. We were seated at the same table at a rest home in our wheel chairs. His name is Bob Wilson. I looked him up and his is quite a story. He is eighty nine years old. Not only did he invent Tater Tots, he named them.

He has the presence of a battleship coming into a deep water harbor. He complained about the draft of the overhead fans. A server said she would take care of it. She was too busy. Finally, he put his electric wheelchair into reverse. He rolled over to the switchbox and turned them off himself.

A tall young man walked by and they greeted one another. "He's one of the lost ten tribes," Bob told me. He was an Ethiopian with a regal bearing. Like to know his story.

But there are no lost tribes. For a very important reason. The twelve tribe Israel threatened to split up. It was similar to our war between the states. But with one important difference. The religious people came back, they did not stay split.

The ten northern tribes had decided to rebel against Judah and Benjamin. King David's descendant Rehoboam , wanted to retain his nation's unity. His troops girded for battle, 2 Chronicles eleven verse one.

Again, like our own Battle Between the States. But here is the big difference. Second Chronicles eleven verses two through four tells how God intervened. There was no war. True, ten tribes did split away. In verse thirteen we see that the priests and Levites resorted to Judah. They strengthened Judah. God was shedding idolatrous people.

Why do I care that the separation was of God? My mother in law followed someone who believed in Anglo-Israelism, that the U.S. and Britain are the so-called ten lost tribes. She separated from her church and was very bitter about it. She followed the Feasts of Israel the best she could.

Later, as she was dying, a kindly pastor explained it all to her. Her last words to us were, "I'm back in the fold, I'll see you in the rapture."

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