Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Time of Harvest

Surely Jesus would return soon. People used different indicators to bolster their hopes. The Apostasy of the church was what many looked for. But until that blessed return time we had to live by being as close to nature as we could. Some stockpiled food, including their own canned food, hoping to stay in place and wait it out.

Others, more pessimistic, decided to flee to the wildernesses all around the country. More people deserted farms and moved to cities, leaving farm land behind. Floods left much land deserted. These areas had been relegated to flood plains, not fit to live in or even farm. These expanses of abandoned land provided an opportunity for those fleeing.

They were following the advice of a famous preacher, "Don't put your tent stakes in too deep." Like the patriarchs, they were always ready to move. They lived on the edge, literally, siting their camps near forests, to provide wood and triple foliage air cover if needed. They took little food with them, just cooking pots, for the food they intended to live on.

Almost all considered their expectations as unrealistic. Those fleeing looked upon the ones who intended to stay put as the unrealistic ones. They envisioned not just food seizures, but people seizures and likely burials in mass graves filled with plastic coffins.

The gathering of weed seeds was to be their main crop. Many of those who had rehearsed this practice found their favorite tools were Japanese sickles. Seed heads were cut off and beaten against the insides of a pail. There were those who preferred the pillowcase method of gathering seeds. Those who had bought older Japanese tools owned some that were not even radioactive. They looked forward to the gathering in of the seeds.

Soon it would be time for Jesus to return in the clouds and gather them in.

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