Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hasidic Jews on Zionism

I have been going to Private School. That's what I call it. Imagine, at my age too! I hope to keep my knowlege as wide-based as "I can. Maybe it will keep my old brain functioning? I print off the most amazing things and read them in my chair by a window. That is my school. Zionism has been one of my major topics. It is very much of interest to those in the so-called alternative media, which I love.

I just read a great statement by some Orthodox Jewish writer, who among things, lists 12 reasons why his people are against Zionism. He says that in all its history it has caused nothing but misery for Jews. He further claims great persecutions, as during World War Two were deliberately incited to gain a homeland.

Jews causing great trouble for Jews? He goes into this subject at length. After all, says the author, the original Zionists were all atheists.

Any criticism of these people on my part? Yes, get some new clothes, get a PR man, let your wives choose your clothing--do something. But these faithful remnant are determined to remain in their countries, to be led by Messiah, to the Holy Land. They don't realize it yet, but they are waiting for Jesus. So am I.

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