Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Taking Up Cards

Never cared for cards. I told the therapy lady in the hospital, who loved to play, that I would rather die than play cards. Rather than being offended, she thought it was funny and said she would tell her friends.

A man said the police broke up his bridge game, they shined a spotlight under the bridge.

But here I am eagerly awaiting the delivery of a card game deck. It says, "for all ages, edible wild foods." It's that kind of deck. The only spades in this deck will be the kind you use for digging up plant roots.

My edible plant mania has gotten out of hand. I was watching a rerun of the English crime drama "Midsummer Murders". I felt that a little escape would be good for me. But as soon as I saw an outdoor scene I fixed on the plants. "Get the lovely woman and the fancy car out of the way so I can see the weeds!" Can that be Queen Anne's lace, the wild carrot?" Some escape.

It doesn't help that the star of the show is John Nettles. I had just printed out a file on the herb wild nettles. Mr. Nettles does a good job, but he can't replace my hero, Inspector Morse. I used to watch him way back when I was sane.

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