Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Baby Dressed in Black

My sister worked for a time selling baby clothes. She enjoyed finding the little outfits that people liked. She found pink clothes for girls, blue for boys. "It used to be just the opposite," she said. "Pink was considered more lively and blue more modest and subdued."

She followed the general rule one day for a couple from Pakistan, but they found nothing they liked. One of the parents found some baby clothes in yellow and red. "This has the color of life," they explained. They wanted the liveliest colors there were, to give their baby a good start.

I was waiting for a friend to arrive at the bus station when I was amazed to see an infant, held by her mother. The baby had on an all black outfit, including a coal black bonnet. I must have stared. My attention was diverted by the father. He was giving me the hardest look I have ever seen.

I hope the child grows up to renounce the world. She will never see a movie or sin in any other way. With real effort she may even go to heaven some day.

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