Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's My Home

He wanted to read the Bible through once for every year of his life. He was on his way. "Even the begats are familiar after awhile," he said. The people in them are like family members, not all good, but then Cain and Abel were brothers.

His example makes you wonder why the Bible is such alien territory for so many. "That's what we pay our preacher for," many say.

"But how do you know if your preacher is right?" I ask. You can't fire a man without knowing when he is wrong. Knowledge keeps them honest.

"I tried it because our priest said to, but it was so dry," a man told me.

Surely the story of David's life is not dry. After awhile you can become so familiar with the wonderful places in the Word, it will become your home too.

When you are at home in the Bible, the world seems strange by comparison.

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