Monday, November 12, 2012

Has Your Government Been Satanized?

Please don't worry, this will not be a warning about evil governments. Rather, it is about the advantages of Satanization.

Almost over night your government can achieve real status! Great knowledge and great power are available through this process. Sooner or later you may be asked to join in a Satanic union. You can be ready to join soon. I mean join the revived Roman empire.

Too bad about the US, though. Looks like we are headed for the process of "Balkinisation" and may soon be a collection of regions instead of a nation. After all, we started out as a group of colonies.

How did this subject come about? My good friend Hilary mentioned that Walvoord believed the great dragon of Revelation was not Satan, but Rome. It has its points, but I hold that the dragon is Satan.

But what if we are both right? As much as I hate compromise, I can see each view has its points. What if the old Roman empire had never gone away? And what if the remaining parts of Rome were Satanized? There is your great power and knowledge. Of course it is not to last very long.

Jane of Virginia has issued a very wise warning--we are not to add to or subtract from the book of Revelation. We do not intend to ever violate this warning. But for those who are willing, its study is truly worthwhile.

This writer does not believe the process of Satanization has yet taken place. But that is in the near future. I believe we can be joyfully ready to leave before it does take place (Rev. 3:10).

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  1. Gerald, I find that many people today do not believe in Satan, but they think they believe in God. Many Americans think that Satan is a metaphor for explaining bad behavior in human beings whereas I believe that Satan is quite real and spends a lot of time with his feet up these days believing that most of his work is already done. The process of Satanization is alive and well in our schools, our government, and in many of our churches. Make no mistake. Satan is quite real, and of course, so is Jesus Christ.