Saturday, November 17, 2012

Like a Quilt is Made

The last time I went to a fair I headed for the handicraft exhibits. I knew the quilts were there. Guess I am a guy type guy, but quilts fascinate me. I saw one being made once. In almost total silence a group of ladies sewed by hand. Sometimes an older hand had advice for the young ones.

I know that computerized sewing machines can turn quilts out quickly, but where is the joy in that? A good quilting session is not exciting. It is gentle, patient, work. All kinds of fabric may be used. Pieces that seem like nothing fit into the pattern to make it complete.

In the Kentucky countryside they are on sale from porches in the remote regions. The interlaced wedding rings are traditional, and very nice. How do they do it? Is there such a thing as a "developed gift"? First the yearning, then the work and the experience.

Good Bible study is like that. It can be very slow. Some people do not have the ability to do it. It is not exciting, but the results can be beautiful.

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