Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Liberal's Paycheck

He had a lot of bills to pay. His wife would lay them out for him, but he like to write the checks. He knew his balance to the penny. Money was important to him, he was very definite about that. He liked real estate and stocks too, and his nice car. He was at home with material things and always wanted more.

It was payday for his new job. His first check should be at the secretary's office. As a starter he would get $1,000. He had negotiated for that. Then there was the income he expected from the book he was working on, What the Bible Could Mean.

It was a ponderous volume of 971 pages. The first page had over 300 footnotes, starting with "the" as footnote number one.

He arrived at the office and stated his need--his money. The secretary had a vague, distracted look. She appeared to see right through him. She slid an envelope towards him and returned to her work.

Outside, he opened the envelope. There he found the following:

"Pay to the bearer an indefinite amount." The dollar sign had been crossed out. In its place were rupees, drachma, guilders, pesos, or whatever. "This check expires in 70 A D."

He panicked, what would he tell his wife? He was not sure.

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