Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Free to Good Home

Used Bible teacher.

  • Interfaces with all denominations, including Presbyterians, Baptists, and Roman Catholics.
  • Self educated not to say, "er," "ah," or "you know" for up to two hours. Knows funny stories but promises not to tell them during class time.
  • This model was called "Fundamentalist" by old-timers, but now is not called anything at all.
  • It loves cats and dogs, but causes allergy problems in some people.
  • Manufactured by the method called "hard knocks" but has a finish produced by some "soft knocks" too.
  • If necessary this breed has been known to remain silent for long periods of time, but being of the sub-set, Gemini, is capable of extended speech.
  • Suitable for class sizes as low as one person.
  • This one may not be useful to you, and all transactions are refundable.

Warning: The shelf life of this unit has almost expired. Please dispose of in a non-recycleable container.

Call any time.

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