Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Complicators Are Coming!

Wisdom crieth without; she uttereth her voice in the streets: Proverbs 1:20

The village was quiet; people were asleep. But a voice was heard in the streets, "Wake up! The complicators are coming. Get pitchforks, axes, anything. We must fight them. We can win this thing."

Someone asked Chris Hedges if he was a Christian. He never replied in a simple manner. He began, "That depends on who you ask." Now I like Chris, he is a smart man. He was an amateur boxer. His father was a Presbyterian pastor. Chris has read a lot, and written a lot too. But if you can't answer the question, "Are you a Christian?" with yes or no, I assume you are not one.

Imagine a woman asking a man, "Do you love me?" The guy answers, "That depends on who you ask."

The complicators are coming. Many are here already, and they are busy complicating ideas and people. The word going around is, that if you can give a simple answer, you must be stupid, or at least uneducated.

I have often heard Peter, of the Bible, described as a simple man, practically a knuckle-dragger. Yet when I read his books, First and Second Peter, I am struck with how deep they are. This is not the work of an ignorant man, but a man with the greatest of knowledge, through divine revelation.

If you were to ask Peter, "Are you a Christian?" he would not say, "It depends on who you ask." He would say a resounding "Yes!"

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