Thursday, March 14, 2013

What's My Motivation?

Saw a cute cartoon about a dog. I like dog cartoons,especially where dogs talk.

They are preparing a commercial shoot where a dog is to do a simple dog food ad. His script is posted. All he is supposed to do is just read the card. But before the shoot, the dog turns to the director with a puzzled look. "What's my motivation?"he asks. He must have been a method actor.

So often people hesitate when they read the Bible, especially the Old Testament. "What's this mean? Why is she doing that?"

Can I make a suggestion? Just read it!

Learn about what people, even donkeys, say and do. People dream, talk with angels, make love, kill other people. If you just zoom through their stories, you can learn about people until they are like personal friends, or even enemies. Later, you can reflect on them, hear them explained, perhaps in the New Testament. But first get to know them. Figure them out later.

I feel that in older times, we did just that. Great insights were made, by knowing the characters in the Bible, as if they were family members. It's all right to read Genesis through and then, instead of moving ahead, to read it again.

It is said, that when Genesis is completed, you are halfway through the Bible, time wise. To think, the grave of Abraham, is well known, and preserved to this day.

Please, get to know the people of Genesis, without taking snippets out as little lessons right away. Just read the card.

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