Friday, March 29, 2013

Over Righteous

Be not righteous overmuch; neither make thyself over wise: why shoudest thou destroy thyself? Ecclesiastes 7:16

I actually don't see people who are righteous overmuch any more, or over wise, either. Then, I hardly see anyone at all. But I hear they're out there. I've met some. You need a dose meter to turn pink, warning you to back off. You've had enough.

I have met people who have reached sinless perfection, by not watching movies and not eating delicious food. I could have learned so much from them, but I backslid. An honest assessment of myself is not good, or getting better. If enough people were like me, the world would grind to a stop. I just wasted a whole morning watching the sun come up. So you see, I waste time, time I could use to make the world a better place.

When I see wonderful people, before I marvel at them, I imagine them getting up in the morning. "Honey, do I have some clean underwear?" "It's in the drawer, dear." "Well let's get the kids ready, we're running late." "I could use a little help, you know." Like that.

But maybe I'm missing something. They're probably not like that at all. It's just me and my imagination again. I do not live in the same universe with some people I've met.

Like David, I say that my sins are ever before my eyes. Now I am not trying to show how humble I am, because this does not bother me as it should. If I was a used car, no one would buy me.

So I don't associate with many Christians. They wouldn't have me any way. After, say, a month, they would dump me. It's happened. I have only this little favor to ask of them--could they please make the sun come up in a different place, so the plants in my window would get more light?

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