Sunday, March 24, 2013

Strictly for the Birds

You will drink from the brook, and I have ordered the ravens to feed you there. 1 Kings 17:4, NIV

As a young man, I wonderred what the ravens brought to Elijah morning and evening. He was fed, by the commandment of God, by the birds.

I was asked by a dear friend recently, about preparation for troublous times. My response to her question was "flight". That is, to a less inhabited area.

Many will say they plan to rely on God to care for them, and making preparations is a breach of faith on our part. Let me say that I plan to rely on God for the rest of my life, that is not an issue. But what is the nature of our reliance?

Do we go to the store to buy food? Most of us do and are thankful that we can. But imagine a time when this is no longer possible. Who will live by staying put and relying on God?

I think of the many times good people have been warned in the Bible to flee. Noah and his family to the ark, which God then closed up. Sodom was destroyed by God. But before this destruction Lot was told to flee. Paul fled over the city wall in a basket. A wonderful example of flight was Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus going to Egypt.

I am sure that we agree that all these relied on God. They are a lesson to us all. Do you see a pattern here? God warns, His beloveds respond by fleeing, then God provides. And of those who do not follow this path? Remember Lot's wife.

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