Monday, June 2, 2014

From Bad Thinking to No Thinking at All

I submitted a book on Glen the Bible teacher to a used book store. When the clerk-owner saw "Bible teacher" on the cover, he gave me a look of anger and hostility. From a non believer I could understand this, but from a man who promoted church attendance it came as a surprise. I am no longer so naive. I donated the book to Goodwill.

Why the hostility? I had experienced a new trend in religion. Where people once debated and promoted doctrine, it is no longer acceptable to do so. Old cats like me have had to learn that there is another form of religion.

I call it Dionysian. When people of this cult were asked to describe its Mysteries, they replied that they could not. "You have to experience them." What is taking place today is not a new thing at all. It is the old ecstatic or "experience" religion returning.

When I derided modern "tambourine" religion to a hospital therapist, she exploded on me, "You better know who you are worshiping..." etc. She was a very cool, calm, person, almost icy, until I mentioned ecstatic religion.

My high school teacher told of going to a bank where a clerk that he knew was working. Usually a friendly, relaxed man, he was, on this day, tense and nervous. His problem? The bank examiner was there, and he was soon to be discovered as stealing from his bank.

I have a feeling that those whose religion is totally unscriptural, like praying to the Holy Spirit, fear an examination by the Bible. "I just want to have fun" people know they are outside the Bible. Some even have demonic forces within them. Darkness fears light, and so do those within it.

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