Friday, June 13, 2014

Trapped in an Elevator

Ever watch disaster movies? I occasionally do, or used to. Many times the subject matter of the movie is the possible end of all life on earth. This is shown with amazing special effects. It could be the freezing of the planet, or its collision with a giant asteroid.

Just as we face the prospect of world wide disaster, the plot narrows, way down. The big picture is forgotten, now our attention is directed to the plight of one of the cast who is trapped in an elevator. Now we must be really worried. The world scene is on hold because of one person's situation.

I see a parallel with today's news. Our would-be owners and controllers try very hard to distract us from the really big issues, such as the radiation threat from Fukushima or Hanford. They would rather write of the circumstances surrounding one recently released soldier. However tragic his story, no one dare question the validity of the illegal war he had been engaged in.

Narrow it down to one man. Try to make us forget the threat of our dying culture and our fatally polluted environment. Perhaps a starlet's romantic affairs could be used to make us forget what is happening. Both soldier and starlet are in peril from these big things. Do they feel the danger? I know I do.

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