Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Bride Cried

In the days of three channel black and white tv, I saw a play that I recall as I near the end of my life. "The Bride Cried" was about a young lady courted by two men who wanted to marry her. This was a common plot line. Which one shall she choose, the young but poor man or the older rich man?

Such a dilemma! But these guys were different. They were both young men with adequate means.

One was a romantic sailor, filled with the spirit of adventure. He described what he had seen on his travels--"Sunsets that looked like a can of gold had been poured on the sea!"

The other man was in the plumbing supply business, supposedly a very dull and unimaginative fellow. He was concerned over things like drip free faucets. When the lady told him of his rival, she said, "He taught me to look at the sparkle of a fresh sliced onion, how beautiful it is!" The supposedly prosaic plumbing man told her, "To me, life is the onion--making a home, eating together, just living and working." Needless to say he won her heart.

In my latter years I think of how I was going to live my life. Dreams I had that never worked out. The better me that I never became. In this world my time is about up. Strike the set, dreaming time is over. The fantastic hopes are gone. Ralph Edwards is about to say, "This was Your Life". Good bye golden sunsets at sea. Hope you enjoyed selling plumbing supplies. Oh, how I wish I had done better!

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