Monday, June 30, 2014

On Creating the Universe, Your Own Life, and Earning Your Salvation

If someone claimed to have created the universe, he would be considered a nut case. Same way for anyone maintaining that they gave life to themselves. Had they described how they went to their parents and asked to be conceived, then asked their mother to give birth to them, they would be laughed to scorn.

But on the basis of the philosophy that one out of three isn't too bad, there is a final option for them. They would get a huge following if they said we all must choose our heavenly Father, using a free will that was not impaired in the Fall.

In Xavier University, I heard a priest describe the difference between his order and that of another on this point. "We maintain that when mankind fell, every part of us fell, except our free will." This is often referred to as the "partial fall" theory.

Imogine Coca and Sid Caesar did a take-off on a spy movie that ended with a bomb blast. Everyone was lying on the floor. The hero and his lady companion got to their feet, uninjured.

"How come everybody but us got killed?" the hero asked.

She answered, "That's the kind of bomb it was. It only kills the bad guys."

So the Fall in Eden corrupted all of us, except our free wills. Now it is up to us to use these unimpaired free wills. God waits for us to choose Him. He wants to save every one of us, but His hands are tied. "The Great Monarch of the Universe stands helpless before the free will of puny man," I heard a preacher say.

When he finished I expected a few words from Santa Claus.


  1. Always a pleasure to read your posts. Pretty much, this is what our lives is about. The Creator of us all waiting to see all the manners in which we use our free will, while we learn all we can here, without much of a safety net !