Thursday, April 11, 2013

Free Pork, Come and Get It!

I read an old library book on America's Great Depression. We've all heard of the soup lines. But one person wrote that they visited a depression era kitchen where a mother was attempting to feed her starving children. There they found a dog's head. She had been cooking a dog!

Now change one letter and think hog. There are two million wild hogs in America. Most states have them, and some states have them in every county. Pigs are not native to America. All of them were introduced for hunting and for food. Their numbers have recently shot up and are climbing. The damage they do costs agriculture $1.5 billion a year. Cars hit them and sometimes they attack people.

What if people formed a cooperative where some hunted and some slaughtered and preserved the meat? There could be meat and lard in abundance, all for the labor involved. Hard times are coming, where many will die from hunger. I would never eat a dog. But I would love to give one some pork. I bet he would love it.

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