Friday, April 26, 2013

Well, Bless Your Ka

According to early Egyptians we have kas. Today we would say immortal souls. But from what I can glean from the concept, the ka is part of of a rather complicated description of peoples' make up, which contains many elements. Objects have kas too, and of course animals too.

I say this to illustrate how far we have come from the Biblical truth that man was made by God from dust, and upon dying returns to dust. The devil dissents by proclaiming "Thou shalt not surely die."

I believe I know the reasoning pretty well as I once held it. I am not trying to start an argument. I only wish to say that we have added ideas to our beliefs, that are not in the Bible, but are of pagan origin.

Believe it or not, I find the ka belief very interesting and possibly a good description of our psychological beliefs or concepts. But Biblical it ain't.

The particulars of my own beliefs are offensive to many. But I beg you to examine your own beliefs. If it's not in the Bible, it could be wrong.

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