Sunday, April 14, 2013

Iodine's New Shoes

Do you remember a comic strip called "Little Iodine"? It was a long time ago, but I remember it. She's still around in comic book form. For some reason one of the strips comes to my mind.

It was summer and all the kids were going barefoot. But Iodine's father insisted that she wear shoes, for safety or to be more ladylike, I don't remember. Iodine reluctantly agreed.

But she took every opportunity to wear her new shoes out, sliding on concrete, for example, until the soles were gone. She figured she could still wear them but asked her father if she could kind of slide them up a little, since they were really shot.

I have been following news stories about nuclear material from Japan's failed reactors raining down on Pennsylvania, for example. Then a pipeline in Arkansas has burst in the midst of a community. It has polluted a lake used for drinking water. The substance is a special kind of oil from Canadian oil sands. It is mixed with benzine, a very toxic substance. Breathing it is hazardous.

The response has been to pump it into a pristine wilderness area famous for its birds and other wildlife. A picture shows a water bird totally coated with the black oil. It will die.

There are those who really study such things. Helen Cauldicott, a physician from Australia comes to mind. I have read her books. Once she stood almost alone, but by now, many have joined her.

What I am writing is not a plea for the environment. It is a summing up of how it has been destroyed. Little Iodine's shoes have been destroyed. Paper towels and squeegees will not fix things. Radioactivity in oceans and air will not go away.

I am not campaigning for a solution. There is none. I am saying man is doing things that only God can repair. Think we are near tribulation time? First the rapture of the church, then a time so terrible, that Jesus said, unless God intervenes no flesh will survive.

Can people do anything now? We can't even protect the little birds and turtles.

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