Monday, April 22, 2013

It Takes a Campground

(Of whom the world was not worthy:) they wandered in deserts and in mountains, and in dens and caves of the earth. Hebrews 12:38

Let me tell you about my ideal community. Maybe not now, though I would like to live in such a gathering until Jesus comes. By community I mean, perhaps, from one to twenty or so people. No taxes, no cars, and a place where children could grow up without interference from government. I want to live where no one else wants to live. Even drones would not surveil us.

I'm familiar with the objections. What, no streets and cars? No restaurants? And no public schools! "I want my kids to get a good education." In this dream, you will have time to give it to them, at home.

I am way too old to be an idealist. In fact I have lived under the reign of pressing necessity for almost eighty years. That is, someone else's necessity. For a change, I would like to try my own necessity. It is an idea similar to Thoreau's, only more suited to the times we will soon be living in.

Let me go on about my little "town". It would be The Final Camp Out", before the rapture. People could live in shelters of hunting blinds, with "bedrooms" of cot tents. The latter are rainproof, bug proof, and snake proof. Toting these fold-up items would be by decoy sleds. Ever try one? For longer distances I propose travel by canoe, those ancient devices that have only one moving part. a paddle.

Where would such a camping spot be located? At the edge of a clear-cut forest. Such lumbering leaves a lot of wood behind, for building fires, using for lodge poles, things like that. Food could be squash, beans, corn, grown in hugel beds made of fallen wood.

It sounds so "Indian" doesn't it? I mean it to. You see, I believe the great American dream is over and is not coming back. We had a good run. Now consider another way of life. Minutes from where I live, such a way of life is possible. It is very likely I have given this more thought than you have. Because I have had more time to do it.

This may sound impractical to you. To me, what is impractical is the way of life that is forming up all around us every day. I always wanted to be Hiawatha. I doubt if I'll make it. But maybe you will.

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