Thursday, April 25, 2013

Objections to Relocating

There are all kinds of objections to relocating. I understand this. For such people, I recommend staying right where you are.

Another class of objections is to my chosen methods and equipment. Who could carry a 29 pound Tent-cot into the woods or tundra? I do not recommend anyone try it. When I was at Fort Knox we had to carry a 78 pound field pack, a 10 pound rifle, a canteen with a quart of water, and wear a heavy steel helmet for a long march into the very steep hills. Such things can be done, but are not recommended.

Ever notice how many "survivalists" are ex-military, lone males? Well, Rambo, what about Grandma, or the babies?

What I envision is travel in a canoe or other human-powered watercraft. Back packing a Tent-cot may not be practical, but my canoe would have no trouble--maybe carry 3 or 4.

For those who say, "My way is the only way," I say, "Then do it your way." Since there will be no collapse and all will be well, why worry about these things at all?

I have out-lived a desire to convince anyone of anything. But I love to talk about what I would do.

Sleeping off the ground is too cold. Good if you relocate to a warm region. It's all in what you plan to do.

Rodney Dangerfield said he had a relative so dumb, that when the Civil War broke out, he sided with the West.

One of my favorite reads are books about canoeing the Mississippi. Some choose kayaks. One fellow gave his GPS coordinates of his camp grounds. He carried his food with him, largely powdered potatoes. The flood plains of this great river are unoccupied. Lots of available places to live.

Some of us will die away from our medical supplies. Others will die trying to get to the drug store.

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