Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Life Saving Event

When I was a young man I attended what the Methodists offered as the School of Religion. It was a small affair, but intimate. You could talk directly with a pastor, which meant a lot to me.

Our pastor asked us to tell of how we viewed God. The answers varied from a mysterious force, to a friend. A lady with a fixed expression said, "I think of Him as a little figure on my table. I can sit and look at him." The older pastor was quietly astonished.

He related a story. He was in a large building, looking at its structure when he heard a voice say, "Step to your right." He did so, not knowing of where the voice came from. Immediately, a large piece of masonry fell to the floor where he had been standing. It would easily have killed him had he remained standing where he was.

This was not followed by emotional statements of any kind. He claimed nothing, just quietly told his story. I remember it well, though it was about sixty years ago.

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