Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Remember Me, O My God

Remember me, O God, concerning this, and wipe not out the good deeds that I have done...
Nehemiah 13:14

We were studying the book of Nehemiah. The pastor who read this laughed, and said, "Nehemiah had a problem." He went on to berate him for his lack of humility.

Guess I have the same problem too. How I hope that God will remember my good deeds. They are not on the scale of Nehemiah's , but God inspired them.

Actually most pastors like to quote Nehemiah, especially when they have a building program in mind.

That his prayer will be answered is proven, in many places of the Bible, some quite unlikely.

I am grateful to the person who taught me an important lesson. It is from the book of Numbers chapter seven. A dozen times people's names are recorded as giving offerings, including a spoonful of incense.

How wonderful to have your name recorded and your gift listed. God shows that our offerings are not forgotten.

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