Sunday, February 3, 2013

Jacob's Ladder, the Movie

Such a gripping movie, almost no one has seen it. More than action, even more than drama, it had a message for me about letting go of the world. The ladder is emotional regression induced by drugs given to soldiers by the Army. They try to turn soldiers into killing machines. The effects linger. The hero's name is Jacob.

A very important scene to me is of Jacob's chiropractor, whether real or imagined in a phantasy. He quoted the mystic Meister Eckert, a new person for me. Eckert says the demons that attack you are turning you away from this world, actually doing you a favor, by making you let go. It is all how you look at it.

This was what I needed to hear. The blues demons won't always attack you. Bad as it can be their days are numbered. As the hero dies he sees his son, hand extended, on the stairs, the true Jacob's ladder. His son, who died in a bike wreck, is surrounded by light, welcoming him.

It is a grotesque movie in many ways, but the message is clear. Real happiness lies ahead.

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