Friday, February 22, 2013

The Church Disappears

For a book dedicated to the seven churches, it seems strange that the word "church" is not mentioned after chapter 3. Except a sign off statement at the end, our name disappears.

However, there is a simple explanation--our name has changed. We will then be the Bride. Our address changes too. We won't live here any more.

When my sister got married and moved away, I gave her a gift of a pen. She wanted to try it out. She wrote her maiden name. She had yet to adapt completely to her new name.

Some interpreters forget that we too will have a new name and address. They look for us on earth during the tribulation events coming for those who dwell upon the earth. We will not be here.

May I say it once again? Jesus says he will take us out of here so we won't have to endure these terrible things. This promise is in Rev. 3:10. Hard to believe, but many forget this, and many are not told at all.

Some theologies see "church" in every group on the earth. They say Moses was in the church. Even Abel.

I repeat a lot, but church is a generic term. The church in the wilderness is not the church of God. It merely is a reference to a group called out of a larger group. As soon as you see the term "church of God", that is us.

My sister soon adapted to her new name and her new address. I hope we can too.

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