Thursday, February 14, 2013

You've Done Stomped Upon My Heart and Smashed That Sucker Flat

It sure has happened to me, just as in this proposed title of a country song. When I was seven, the belle of my class picked me as her favorite. My first love affair. I started late.

At our big Halloween bash at school, she emerged from a crowd of youngsters, burnt cork on her face. She was wearing a bandana and was to represent Aunt Jemima. She was as cute as Shirley Temple. She put her arms around me. I was ecstatic. A week later she didn't like me any more. I was in training for my later life.

You could say the path of true love is not straight. For me that path was like a corkscrew. I broke a few hearts, too. I guess it went both ways. Besides infatuations and true loves, I branched out. A list of cruel disappointments and disillusionments became the story of my life.

God let my mind "save" me. I was drawn to the Word of God, then to a Godly woman. Each knock took the love of the world out of me. It was like Charles Shultz's cartoon of the falling leaf. When it lights upon the ground, Charlie Brown says, "You won't be happy here."

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