Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I Can't Go to Hell

Saw a site on the Internet that warned of 10 DVD's that will send you to hell. I guess watching them will do it, not just having them on the shelf. I should have printed out the list. I might even like to watch some of them.

Maybe they are terrible, but one thing I know is that they can't send me to hell. Nothing can.

Sounds like I am boasting about my great virtue or some special immunity I have. I'm not. It's just that nothing can send me, or you to hell. Main reason of course is that there is no hell. Actually, that should do it.

As a firm believer in the Security of the Believer, I could claim Romans chapter eight as my defense. But that blessed chapter is not about the saving from hell, but the certainty of our going to heaven. What a difference.

You may remember me mentioning the chart someone made showing the true meanings of each mention Jesus and others made of hell. Each mention in the original language is grave or pit or place where the dead are burned. No suffering there, not even by implication.

Now this emphasis on a total lack of hell in the Bible does not come from any religious affiliation on my part. Neither does it spring from the idea that God wouldn't make anyone suffer. If someone could prove from the Bible that God has been or is going to roast people forever it would not change my idea or love of God.

So what is my objection to the doctrine of hell? It is textual, really. If you have been kind and patient enough to read my ramblings you know I do not mind if people believe in hell. They can believe in a god or gods that burn people up and I am tolerant of such beliefs. Nice of me, isn't it?

It is only when people maintain that the Bible is their source of belief. Only then do I object. Not that anyone cares about my objections.

Have I ever been sloppy in my writings? That is am I an earnest workman? Please say yes, because it is all I can do and I take it very seriously.

Once again, hell is a pagan doctrine and does not appear in any original text. We have about three thousand of these, more than any other ancient book. Hell has been inserted. Also Easter (Acts 12:4) by those who carried pagan ideas and those who thought it was good to threaten people into behaving.

Hell was a great money maker also. St. Peter's in Rome was paid for by the sale of indulgences, to get people out of hell by the payment of money. Luther said "If the Pope has the power to release people from hell, why doesn't he let everyone out?"

Indeed, you and I can't go to hell. There is only heaven waiting for us.

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  1. Beautifully written Gerald. My father used to say that we can't go to hell, because we are already here. He was referring to many who have a self imposed separation from God.
    I always enjoy your posts, but I tend to comment more on the blogs I think need the help. I can't be half as articulate as you, my friend.